Behind the Scenes: ArganoCSS BluePrint Assessment Marketing Project

Let’s take a look behind the scenes of a cutting-edge marketing video project that MuleTown Media recently completed for ArganoCSS, an award-winning Cloud go-to and Specialized Partner in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN). ArganoCSS specializes in implementing and integrating Oracle Cloud and ERP solutions. 
ArganoCSS partnered with MuleTown Media to produce an effective video solution that would enhance a new marketing campaign around their Cloud BluePrint Assessment. This assessment helps define the roadmap for an organization’s successful transition to the Cloud. The goal was to add a sophisticated, high-end video to increase leads and build their sales pipeline.

“Using Cinema4D, I brought in a bust model of a generic person. The interior organic lines create the abstract ‘room’ used to house the logo animation.”

– Ken (designer)

MuleTown Media worked closely with several internal stakeholders at ArganoCSS, including marketing, sales and executive leadership. Our team interacted directly with ArganoCSS to choose the right voiceover talent, including sitting in on several remote voiceover sessions to ensure the script and voice presented the ArganoCSS brand and message perfectly.
During the production process, ArganoCSS underwent an unexpected merger and consequential rebrand that the MuleTown Media team was able to handle seamlessly. A few small tweaks to the script message, an updated voiceover recording and some magic behind the scenes resulted in an incredible, visually compelling video that not only enhanced the ArganoCSS Cloud BluePrint Assessment, but also exceeded the expectations of the client’s vision for the project.

“Bringing in the 3D render, After Effects added the finishing touches and the vector animation. As an Easter egg, the dancing colored streaks come from an edited nighttime photo of the Charleston cityline, an homage to the hometown of ArganoCSS.”

– Ken (designer)

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Want to check out the final product? See the video below.
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