Behind the Scenes: Gigpro and Chef Gregory

Gigpro created an app that helps the food and beverage industry build a network. Workers, managers, and business owners alike have often experienced a lack of employment or a lack of talent. With decades of frustration, the team behind Gigpro designed a powerful solution. With their platform built, they also needed a way to bring their app to market. MuleTown Media is honored to partner with Gigpro to help promote the brand, while giving the app a voice and a story.

A future post will be published spotlighting Gigpro and what MuleTown has “cooked up” for them. Today, we would like to take a step forward in time to point out a few technical and design characteristics of the content we created for Gigpro. A 15-second commercial, a 30-second commercial, and a short film with Chef Gregory (Bayhaven Restaurant Group) leads the motion campaign. The hero video at the top of the page reflects a few key effects applied to the content MuleTown created for the Gigpro team. And below, we’d like to point out a few more notes added by the editor and designer: Ken Green.


“Our crew shot the phone scene, in-camera, at Chef Gregory’s restaurant. Placing a color (not found in nature) on the phone screen, allowed us to replace the green with a simulation of the Gigpro app. This gives us control over the contents of the screen and the freedom to place what we like, giving us many uses out of just one shot.”

– Ken (designer)

Working with MuleTown was seamless. Me being a Chef, I like things to be tight and organized; and it was.
I was blown away by how much was done in a short period of time.

Ben Ellsworth – Founder, Gigpro


“Here, we see the motion design of the screen replacement used in the final edit, replicated in such a way as if a user is navigating through the app. The Gigpro app designers provided the static images, allowing me to animate the movement and control the pacing.”

– Ken (designer)


“This scene took a little more planning in the pre-production stage. What we’re seeing here is not actually video, rather a sequence of photographic images stitched together. Led by the Director of Photography (Sam Spafford), most of the effect was done using a RED Cinema camera. The “ghosting” effect was achieved with a wide open shutter, and a “snap” rate of 1-2 images shot per-second. I added the color grading and the optical/zoom effect to make it appear as if the shot was done entirely in-camera.”

– Ken (designer)

Want to check out the final products? See the videos below.
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